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What a blur! I can remember clearly my feeling of pure shock when I saw readers wrack up on INK’s first issue! Though at the time it was a small few, I will never forgot the positive feedback we received. As a freshman in high school at the time of the launch I was eager to hear other’s thoughts. Fast forward a few months and it is sophomore year. After we launched our “One Year Issue” I really felt that the response I was getting from our readers was a push in the right direction, we had spent the first year trying new things and experimenting and INK was finding its niche. I gained family and friends approval and support, and we headed into INK’s biggest year! In Autumn of 2010 we dropped an issue with Claudia Vaughn, close friend and model at BMG Chicago, on our cover. Along with the stunning spreads of Claudia we ran our exclusive shoots with Hulu’s “If I Can Dream” Giglianne Braga and designer Yotam Solomon. The issue was monumental for INK, as our “People Issue” was when we first really saw our readership defining. With the confidence from our 22,000 plus readers record in the Autumn we pushed on. With our great success of the years we met great roadblocks. Legal issues, monetary boundaries, and our youth in general (me being still 16 at the time) bent us close to breaking. In a way these trials gave me the effort to keep publishing and curating each issue. It was the enthusiasm of contributers, the readiness of artisans…finding those diamonds in the rough who did not care that there was no big checks or glamourous multi-thousand dollar covers in exchange, simply talent.

From the time of the Autumn 2010 issue to the present, INK continued to put out issue after issue…one season even putting out an issue per month (March, April, May 2011). Each issue was responded to by a flood of submissions, and a flood of both positive and negative feedback. In the early onset of the new year in 2011 INK launched its supplement, INK Homme. A menswear department in conjunction with each issue of INK. With Homme opening new doors for me, I found myself and the staff incredibly busy. Something that on the surface may not be noticeable is that INK’s staff is scattered about the globe! We truly are a global collaboration of artists. Handling much of the domestic affairs from here in Chicago, it was not unusual to on any given weekday find a few boxes from London, New York, or Australia on my front step. I was mailing, sending, booking, pulling, holding, faxing, emailing, calling, and contacting all around the world. What a testimony to some of the hidden blessings of technology. How could any of this have been possible for a 13 year old to kick-start if there was not email, internet, facebook, tumblr, ect. Another highlight of that spring was INK’s exclusive cover-shoot with musical artists Matt & Kim.

With the decision in the early fall of 2011 to dissolve INK and INK Homme, I knew that there would be strings attached. I could not see myself without INK, or INK without myself. INK was in its early stages an experiment, but in essence came to be much more. I for one will be first to admit that I will dearly miss INK. I learned so much, I experience so much, and I will never forget it! We appreciate your encouragement in the time surrounding our announcement to dissolve the company.

I feel as though I am receiving an Emmy, but thanks are in order. Thank you first to my family (my parents in particular!) for your support in love, encouragement, and trips to the post-office with me! All of my friends, colleagues, and readers who put the life into INK…what is a magazine sitting unread, it is all about what the reader puts into the volume that gives it worth. A thank you specifically to my editors: Promise, Joy, Katie, Matt, Nick and Victoria (the best editor-best-friend I could have!)…all of you brought so much to each issue, so much time sacrificed, and so much creative talent utilized. Big things coming for you all! Chloe, whose graphic design position could never be rightly replace, I am forever thankful. Your talent dumbfounds me. Chelsey, the other twin artist prodigy, I think that I need say nothing at all…your masterpieces speak to your talent and effort enough! Thank you! To the rest of my staff: the fashion writers who had spunk and ambition, the music department writers who literally exposed me to half my current iTunes library, and to the rest of the staff, your time was precious to us and valued, thank you. A huge thanks to all the PR agencies, photographers, designers, modeling agencies (FORD Chicago your number one in my heart!), and all other contributers…the fact that there are so many hundreds of you who left your mark on INK is a statement to how proud all of the staff can be so proud of INK. Thank you one and all!

It is strange to think that I will never write another INK “Letter from the Editor” again. It has been an exhilarating time at INK, encompassing my high school years, and will not soon be forgotten.

Like always…keep creating,

John Troxel